Photos of the Chrono Trigger Japanese Super Famicom Cartridge Box and Its Contents

[The following is a translation of the ephemera encased within the original Japanese Super Famicom release of Chrono Trigger.]

General Comments about the Packaging for the Super Famicom release of Chrono Trigger

At the time, Super Famicom games (like the Super Nintendo Entertainment System) were packaged in cardboard boxes, making them extremely fragile. These standardized encasements replicated the usage of large cardboard boxes for personal computer games, and allowed ample room for game cartridges, thick manuals, and extra content  not to mention real-estate for colorful eye-catching displays.

About the Version Used in this Project

This Super Famicom cartridge box and its contents were purchased from eBay specifically for this project. Noticeable wear and tear is present on the cartridge box itself, but surprisingly all other artifacts are in very good condition. This complete artifact was important for the player for the purpose of reviewing game mechanics and controls, as well as gaining a more in-depth knowledge of this iteration as a whole. It was made known to the player which version this was, and the history and culture intrinsically attached to it.

Super Famicom Cartridge Box Contents

▹ One Super Famicom Game Pak 

▹ One Instruction Booklet

English Translation of Instruction Booklet

Thanks to the assistance of local Japanese translator Alisha Rast, the instruction booklet was translated in its entirety. The following is a literal interpretation of the content featured in the booklet. It has been compiled in three Adobe PDF files down below. Please allow adequate time for the file to download. 
▹ Chrono Trigger Super Famicom Instruction Booklet (front-page 19)  (pdf, 411 KB)
Chrono Trigger Super Famicom Instruction Booklet (page 20-39) (pdf, 388 KB)
Chrono Trigger Super Famicom Instruction Booklet (page 40-back) (pdf, 200 KB)

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