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Asian Migration and Global Cities

Anne Cong-Huyen, Jonathan Young Banfill, Katherine Herrera, Samantha Ching, Natalie Yip, Thania Lucero, Randy Mai, Candice Lau, Authors
Randy Mai Biography, page 4 of 14

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Ho Chi Minh City Culture

This video shows1 the populated city of Ho Chi Minh in Vietnam. It also portrays the beauty of Ho Chi Minh City and its people and architecture. According to Hayton in "Vietnam Rising Dragon," Vietnam is the 13th most populated country. Throughout the years, Vietnam has developed. In 1993, almost 60% of the Vietnamese were below the poverty line. Then in 2004, 20% was below the poverty line. The living standards in Vietnam has grown significantly2.  The reason for the astounding poverty levels is due to the significant impact of the Vietnam War from the 60's and 70's. The expidentures created a rift in people's standard of living. Because the state took away privately owned enterprises, it began to see a big increase in poverty levels. During the late 1980s's, Vietnam passed the Doi Moi policy in hopes to bring investment and decrease the poverty level.

In No Reservations3, Anthony Bourdain mentions and shows how bikes are used as the most common method of transportation in Vietnam. This video also shows how popular bikes are in Vietnam. In "Love Like Hate," Dinh writes about the overseas Vietnamese, also known as Viet Kieus. The Viet Kieus mentions how Vietnam has so much traffic and no stop lights. Everybody in Vietnam has a bike, rather than a car4.

According to the video as well as Anthony Bourdain's "No Reservations" and Dinh's "Love Like Hate," the Vietnamese are very simple in the way they live. In "No Reservations," Bourdain visits a family who cook their own meals. Those meals are composed of ingredients from the river and the garden. In "Love Like Hate," Dinh shows how simple the Vietnamese dress, compared to Americans. No matter how rich they are, they still dress simpler (and worse) than an average American.

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Written and Edited by Randy Mai
Written by Candice Lau
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