AAEEBL Digital Ethics Principles: version 1

Principle 6, Scenario 3

You are a program administrator and/or staff member. Your department has just started an undergraduate ePortfolio requirement. You have vetted potential platforms to ensure they fit your ePortfolio program’s purpose and are accessible to students across devices (including assistive technologies). You are now ready to introduce the requirement to educators and start adapting the curriculum.

As you plan the professional development sessions that will roll-out this new requirement, you are careful to make space to share technical knowledge. You ensure that educators get to know the platform and how the platform can adjust for students with disabilities or different device preferences. You also talk to educators about accessible ePortfolio design. You include topics from the Web Accessibility Initiative WCAG2.1 resource, such as alternative text, meaningful sequence of content, and accessible design principles (non-text contrast, spacing, etc.). You have educators practice viewing example ePortfolios on multiple devices and with a screen reader. You then provide educators with local and online resources. You plan to review platform accessibility in your ePortfolio professional development workshop each year. 

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