AAEEBL Digital Ethics Principles: version 1

Principle 11, Scenario 3

You are the ePortfolio Program Director and decided on the purchase of a particular ePortfolio platform that is the primary platform for your institution. You receive an email from your ePortfolio provider stating that the end user licensing agreement (EULA) will change in three months, the negotiated notice period for your institution. In preparing your response, you want to consider any changes to student data collection and storage. When you negotiated the contract with this provider, you were clear about your institution’s policies regarding student data collection and storage and required that the provider notify you via email of any changes and give you the right to terminate the contract if changes violated the institutional policy. 

You saved a copy of the old EULA and can now compare it to the new EULA with your institution’s legal counsel. After comparing versions of the EULA, you seek clarification on these changes from the platform representative in preparation to communicate these updates to stakeholders and students. Once your institution is satisfied to continue with the platform under the new EULA, students are presented with the changes directly in the platform and asked to review them. 

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