A Nostalgic Filter: A University of Pittsburgh Exhibition

Saint-Sever Beatus

Paris, Bibliothèque national de France, Ms Lat. 8878

While the overwhelming majority of medieval Beatus manuscripts were produced in Spain, the Saint-Sever Beatus is the only surviving example known to have been produced across the Pyrenees in France. Like the other books of this type, its images depict scenes from the Book of Revelations and include an impressive world map spread across two full folios.

Placing the Saint-Sever and Osma facsimiles side by side allows a thoughtful comparison of the similarities and the differences between the two books, which clearly derive from a shared set of models but also contain numerous regional differences, reflecting the transmission of these manuscripts through political, institutional, and personal networks.

This manuscript has been fully digitized and is available at the website of the Bibliothèque nationale de France.

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