A Nostalgic Filter: A University of Pittsburgh Exhibition


A Nostalgic Filter: Medieval Manuscripts in the Digital Age is presented by the University Art Gallery (UAG) and the Department of History of Art and Architecture at the University of Pittsburgh with generous support from The Fine Foundation. This exhibition would not have been possible without the outstanding facsimile collection housed in Pitt's University Library System (ULS). We would like to offer special thanks to our colleagues in ULS, who partnered with us throughout the research process and exhibition production. We would also like to thank the Jewish Studies Program and the Office of Diversity and Inclusion for their support of this project.

Above all, we would like to thank Prof. Shirin Fozi and the students in HAA0019: Curatorial Research and HAA1022: Exhibition Presentation for their dedication to this project, especially amidst this very turbulent time. Their commitment, flexibility and creativity helped make this exhibition a reality.
    HAA 1019, Spring 2020
    Annie Abernathy
    Danielle Baxter
    Michael Coliane
    Sarah Daiker
    Delia Franklin
    Geeta Gunti
    Claudia Haines
    Vivienne Hayes
    Miranda Harkins
    Sidd Konduru
    Ryan Kulka
    Alaine Lambertson
    Margaret Lang
    Ryan Negron
    Lawson Pace
    Pablo Peltier
    Isaac Pleta
    Sean Rosenthal
    Alexys Siagel
    Ann Sippel
    Victoria Swindle
HAA 1022, Fall 2020
Jasmin Brown
Madeline Conigliaro
Sarah Daiker
CJ Dawson
Delia Franklin
Raina Holt
Helena Hyziak
Jennifer Kandray
Julia Lepre
Breanna Lewis
Celia Maiers Cubas
Phillip Mendenhall
Megan Myers
Melanie Pantano
Lee Silva-Walker
Ann Sippel
Victoria Swindle
Siying Jenny Wang
Emily Wiley
Meg Wolfe
Liliana Xu

Project Team
María-del-Carmen Barrios Giordano, Graduate Fellow, University Art Gallery 
Shirin Fozi, Associate Professor, History of Art & Architecture
Kiana Jones, Fine Arts Librarian, Frick Fine Arts Library
Sylvia Rhor Samaniego, Director & Curator, University Art Gallery 
Ana Rodríguez Castillo, Graphic Designer 

University Library System, Pitt
Kornelia Tancheva, Director
James Cassaro
Lauren Collister
William Daw
Dan Tam Do
Ed Galloway
Hiroyuki Good
Jeanann Haas
Kate Joranson
Megan Massanelli
Miriam Meislik
Tracey Jean Olanyk
Jaime Peer
Gesina Philips
Staci Ross
Benjamin Rubin
Rachel Rubin
Briana Wipf
Clare Withers

Special Thanks 
Angela Bedford-Jack, Office of Diversity & Inclusion, University of Pittsburgh 
Gretchen Bender, History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh 
Adam S. Cohen, University of Toronto
Joseph Derosier, Beloit College
Alyssa DiFolco, History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh 
Sonja Drimmer, University of Massachusetts – Amherst
Julie Harris, Independent Scholar, Glencoe, IL
Lynley Herbert, Walters Art Museum
Linda Hicks, History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh 
Sahar Hosseini, History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh 
Suzanne Karr Schmidt, Newberry Library
Bryan C. Keene, J. Paul Getty Museum and Riverside City College
Alison Langmead, Visual Media Workshop, University of Pittsburgh 
Irina Livezeanu, History and Jewish Studies, University of Pittsburgh
Christopher J. Nygren, History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh 
Giovanni Scorcioni, Facsimile Finder
Adam Shear, Religious Studies and Jewish Studies, University of Pittsburgh
Karoline Swiontek, History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh  
Alex Taylor, History of Art & Architecture, University of Pittsburgh 
Bruce Venarde, History, University of Pittsburgh
Carolyn Wargula, Williams College
Emily Witthohn, University of Pittsburgh 

For questions regarding this exhibition, please email the University Art Gallery at uag@pitt.edu.

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