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CONTEXT IS POLITICS: Introduction to 5 points

Context is Politics is originally a blog post from feministolinespaces. I wrote it after my class went to Occupy LA and staged a performance there. I draw five points from teaching the class and occupying LA in tandem. For this publication each point appears as a stand-alone statement with associated items from this archive. The post begins:

The second offering of my Online Feminist Spaces class ended this Monday. As I’ve said before, the Pitzer version of the class found the majority of students studying “in-between spaces” online where a feminist/queer identity was central to the mission of the site, but a corporate, mainstream, or satiric sensibility worked to preclude a more political, not to mention radical understanding of feminism in the site’s structure, experience, and purpose. Our field trip to Occupy LA was also a defining experience for this class, and from these two position—in-between and on-the-edge—comes the idea in the title: Context is Political.

Below you will find five statements and linked media from this archive that draw out the claim that "context is political." You can read them in any order.

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