In Search of Fairfax

Map: Comparison of Population across "Ethnic Enclaves," 1980

The Vitalize Fairfax project commissioned studies that were intended to help neighborhood stakeholders understand how to most effectively chart a neighborhood revitalization process that would help preserve Beverly Fairfax’s Jewish character. The 1982 Beverly-Fairfax Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy report, for example, looked towards and identified other, better known ethnic enclaves throughout Los Angeles such as Little Tokyo and Chinatown as models to follow. From a demographic, population perspective, Fairfax was not all that different from other ethnic areas but was nevertheless geographically distinct; unlike its counterparts, Fairfax was not located in close proximity to downtown Los Angeles.

Source: Envicom Corporation, SRI International, and Greer and Company, Beverly-Fairfax Neighborhood Revitalization Strategy: Final Report ([Los Angeles?]: 1982).

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