Reassembling Rubbish

On partisanship

All knowledge is partisan to some degree. This is another way of describing what Donna Haraway (1991) calls partial and situated knowledge. Knowledge is always partial and situated, it cannot be otherwise, so to describe something as partisan is to describe it accurately rather than to disparage it. But just because all knowledge is partisan does not mean all knowledge is equally so (see Sayer 2010 p. 46).

Note the range of synonyms for 'partisan':

supporter, follower, adherent, devotee, champion; fanatic, fan, enthusiast, stalwart, zealot, booster.

There is a big difference between a supporter and zealot. Part of the point of mapping a controversy is to develop and tune our sensors, our equipment for judgement, our tools of discernment, to detect the differences between zealous fanatics and supportive fans.

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