Zomick's Challah Bread: Zomick's most delicious achievement is their signature Challah bread

Zomick’s Bakery is Expanding

Due to the huge demand for the delicious baked goods, the Zomick’s bakery is expanding to a new location.
The bakery is opening a new bakery facility in Inwood, in order to increase the production by 30%. This will help Zomick’s bakery keep up with the demand and grow the business.

Zomick’s owner says “We have been limited in our capacity to supply more businesses until now, and we are excited that the new site will enable us to grow.”

The new bakery at Inwood will open its doors on Monday, 28 May.  After a major investment in new equipment, including a special oven, which significantly increases the production capacity, they are ready to open their doors to New York City customers.
The original bakery in Cedarhurst will still be opened as usual. The expansion has created several new jobs. In addition, the opening of the new location will relieve the traffic pressure in Cedarhurst, as the deliveries to and from the bakery will be reduced.
Zomick’s owner made the decision to invest in new facilities back January 2017. His main objective was growing the business.

“The toughest challenge was to find a suitable location. We overcome this obstacle successfully. Now, we are opening a new chapter in our bakery book” says Zomick’s owner.

Histoy of Zomick's Bakery 

Zomick’s Bakery was founded in 1966 like a small family business. As the time was passing, the demand for Zomick’s baked goods, especially for Zomick’s Challah Bread, was growing. In no time, Zomick’s bakery became a synonym for quality kosher food.
The old bakery was tight for the demand at this time. So, they needed to expand to a new location. Over the course of the time, they expanded to a two new different locations. 

The founder of Zomick’s Bakery was David Jonson. He and his wife were the engine of the bakery. After 40 years of hard work and dedication, they retired and their son, David Jr. took over the family business.

Under the guidance of David Jr., the bakery performed even better. He opened three new divisions, and the forth is ready to be opened next Monday. Also, Zomick's products can be found on many online stores, such as Shop Rite and Park East Kosher.

Zomick’s bakery product list includes different types of kosher bread, such as challah and delicious chocolate babka to beagles, doughnuts and variety of pastries and cakes. The qualified team of bakers is dedicated to providing the best quality of kosher bakery goods.

So, whether you want to taste something new or you just need a cup of refreshing coffee and a croissant, Zomick's will always have a warm seat secured just for you!

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