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Sasha Pearce

Sasha Pearce graduated from USC in 2016, summa cum laude, with a double B.A. degree in English Literature and History. Under the guidance of her History thesis advisor, Deborah Harkness, she began studying early modern French paleography and joined the Voltaire research team, extending her work with French manuscripts into the Enlightenment.

What began as an interest in the literature and history of the meaning of monstrosity evolved during her time at USC into the domain of history of human rights and politics, which Sasha is currently studying at the Sorbonne in Paris under a joint master’s program with Middlebury College (VT). Today in Paris, she studies French colonial politics (les Antilles et l’Algérie) with Nicolas Roussellier, contemporary political historian and professor at both École Polytechnique and Science Po Paris, and author of La force de gouverner : le pouvoir exécutif en France, XIXe­XXIe  siècles (2015). Sasha is currently broadening her study of French paleography (XVIe­XVIIIe centuries) at the French National Archives with Sébastien Nadiras, member of the editorial committee of Ménestrel (an online source base for medievalists), co­coordinator of their Sources and Resources (an online source base for medieval historians), and editor of Onomastique (a section of the National Archives in Paris that provides typonomic and dialectological resources).

As a team member with the Voltaire Project, Sasha is eager to utilize her skills as a paleographic transcriptionist in order to help historians and other scholars have access to the content and to the images of original handwritten documents. She is equally committed to continuing the research necessary to fully investigate the origins and histories of original handwritten documents such as those found in our Voltaire Collection.

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