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Karén Ter-Sarkisian

Karén Ter-Sarkisian graduated from the Armenian State Pedagogical University with a degree in Fine Arts and Art Education (USA equivalent of BA/Teaching Credentials).  In 1993, after the dissolution of the Soviet Union, he relocated to Greece, the birthplace of his Greek mother. In late 2001 he immigrated to the USA where he eventually obtained a US citizenship.

In the meantime, he continued his studies and, in 2011, he earned his Master’s Degree in History from the California State University, Los Angeles. His primary fields of study were Ancient History (Greece and Rome); Medieval History, particularly History of Byzantium; and History of Christianity and Islam.

After his graduate studies in history, Karén Ter-Sarkisian earned, in 2016, his Master’s Degree in Library and Information Science from San Jose State University. Currently, he works as a reference librarian at the City of Commerce Public Library. Besides English, Karén Ter-Sarkisian is also fluent in Armenian, Greek, and Russian.

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