Viterbi Progressive Degree Program (PDP): The Accelerated BS + MS

Transfer Students

Transfer students are encouraged to apply to Viterbi PDP!
Please be aware of the following considerations: 


The minimum GPA criterion for application eligibility is 3.2. This threshold refers only to cumulative undergraduate USC GPA. Viterbi PDP does not take account of transfer coursework GPA and therefore requires two semesters of undergraduate USC GPA in order to evaluate a PDP application. If you have recently started as a transfer student at USC, please wait to apply to PDP until you have completed two semesters at USC.

12 Semester Time Limit

PDP requires that students complete all undergraduate and graduate requirements within 12 semesters of their first term in college. In determining the 12 semester timeline for transfer students transfer coursework may be understood as semester-equivalent. This means, for example, that if you transferred 64 units into USC, you may have those units understood as equivalent to 4 semesters (16 units per semester). Based on this equivalency, transfer students may have a new PDP completion term set at the time of admission.