Viterbi Progressive Degree Program (PDP): The Accelerated BS + MS


Eligibility Requirements

Transfer Students: please see our Transfer Student page. 


In order to apply to Viterbi PDP, applicants must have completed at least 64 total units of undergraduate course work, excluding AP, IB, or credits transferred into USC that were earned prior to high school graduation. Students may apply in their junior or senior year, but no later than the semester prior to beginning graduate coursework. Application after undergraduate graduation is not allowed. Viterbi encourages students to apply in their junior year so that applicant and advisors can carefully coordinate upper division undergraduate courses with the onset of graduate coursework. If admitted, students are required to complete both undergraduate and graduate degrees within 12 semesters of the student's first term in college. 


Applicants must have an overall USC undergraduate GPA of 3.2 or higher. Transfer students must have at least two semesters of USC coursework completed before applying.

Students Applying in the Final Undergraduate Semester

If you decide to apply in what would otherwise be the final semester of your undergraduate degree, please be aware: If you are in your last undergraduate semester, interested in graduate studies at USC Viterbi, and your USC undergrad GPA is below 3.2, please consider applying to one of Viterbi's Master of Science degrees via the traditional master's program application. 

Applying Multiple Times

If you have previously submitted an application for admission to Viterbi PDP that was not approved, you are eligible to reapply to Viterbi PDP up until the final semester of your senior year. If you wish to apply to Viterbi PDP more than once, please email  

Submitting Application Components Subsequent to Application Submission

If your application becomes complete in a semester subsequent to the one that you applied in, you will need to email to let us know so that your application can be updated to the correct term of application. All applications that are incomplete at the end of a semester will be archived as incomplete applications for that semester and will require the applicant to contact Viterbi PDP in order to update the application to the correct term. 

Application Requirements 

If you meet the eligibility requirements, you may apply to Viterbi PDP by submitting the following components: Please note that PDP does NOT require the submission of any standardized test scores. 

Program Requirements 

To see the curriculum requirements for individual programs offered via Viterbi PDP, please see the Degree Offerings page.

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