Viterbi Progressive Degree Program (PDP): The Accelerated BS + MS

How to Apply

All Viterbi PDP applicants should apply using myViterbi. Please follow steps 1-5 below. If you are an undergraduate outside of the Viterbi School, you still have access to myViterbi and will need to submit a myViterbi application. Non-Viterbi undergraduates: in addition to submitting an application in myViterbi, you will need to email your course plan to

Step 1 

Identify the master's degree you would like to pursue. For a list of the master's degrees that Viterbi offers via PDP, please see Degree Offerings.

Step 2

Log on to myViterbi and look for "Progressive Degree Program" under Student Resources. 

Step 3

Complete the application and follow the instructions for each step. Units and GPA information is available through OASIS on both your STARS Report and your Transfer Credit Report. Oasis can be accessed through myUSC.

Step 4 

While completing your online application, you should download the PDF of the Proposed Course Plan. You will complete this form with the help of your undergraduate and graduate academic advisors, whose signatures of approval must appear on the course plan. After signing, your advisor will be able to upload the course plan to myViterbi. Here are instructions on how to complete and submit a proposed course plan.    

Step 5 

Check myViterbi from time to time to make sure your recommender has submitted the letter of recommendation, if that requirement applies to your application. 

Please note: all materials, including letters of recommendation must be received by the deadline in order to be considered for that application term.  

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