#BlackLivesMatter: Critical Perspectives


The Course
#BlackLivesMatter: Critical Perspectives is a multidisciplinary class cross-listed in English (ENG), Humanities (HUM), Honors (HON), African American Studies (AAS), American Studies (AMS), Curriculum & Instruction (C&I), and Bicultural-Bilingual Studies (BBL) and offered at both graduate and undergraduate levels. The goal of this class is to critically examine the sociocultural and historical contexts of the #BlackLivesMatter and #CharlestonSyllabus movements.

Instructor: Dr. Sonja Lanehart
Co-Instructors: Drs. Stephen Amberg (Political Science), Theodorea Berry (AAS and C&I), Kinitra Brooks (ENG), Marco Cervantes (BBL), LaGuana Gray (History), Scott Sherer (Art History), and Howard Smith (BBL)

This Site
This course was first offered in the spring of 2016. After the semester finished, archivists from UTSA Libraries Special Collections gathered class materials and student work, then created this site in order to make the content available for further study and research.

In conjunction with the students' topics, the Black Lives Matter Guiding Principles are used as tags to provide further organization and clarity of the work submitted throughout the course.  Furthermore, the class syllabus and learning modules—which offer extensive additional resources—are linked below, in addition to each student’s research project, listed by title.
  1. Introduction
  2. Black Lives Matter: Guiding Principles
  3. Syllabus
  4. Learning Modules
  5. Discussion
  6. Student Projects
  7. Acknowledgements

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