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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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PepsiCo.  Gracy chewy

Part A:


Title, author, and date of publication:

PepsiCo Outperforms Estimates On Snack
Food Success, Earnings Flat.
 By: Sharf, Samantha,,



Title, author, and date of publication:

Fortune. 4/5/2004,

Section:50 Years of The FORTUNE 500/The




Title, author, and

date of publication:

PepsiCo Case Study: Taking Advantage
of Changing Market Conditions.
Author: no-record Mar2007, p1-5. 5p.

Text: Pdf.


Part B:

Write 1 paragraph summarizing what you find interesting about it –

and why you selected it as a representative ad for your Mega brand.

What does each of your selections tell you about what message your brand

emphasized for audiences? Who its audience had been at the time? And what
the interests and concerns of consumers were at the time?

Pepsico's really focusing on  people's life style, different cultures and they always have celebrities in their ads. 

Pepsico really like having celebrities in their commercial


I see Mainly Back and white commercials: More focus on people’s social events. Change in the farm kitchen/ ballroom dance…etc. Most of the consumers live in the countrysides, they might be more interested in watching an Ads which shows the life style they like. 


More colorful commercials appeared in   this generation. More races show up on the scenes. More romantic stories show

up on the scene. Target on people from all ages.


 This commercial is much cooler than the other ones. It include new technologies. It
made people a great impression about the commercial! It is definitely a great advertisement!


 (More funny Ads)


Western style with Beckham, Casillas, Rivaldo. (culture and Celebrity)


Ellen Interrupts Sofias Diet Pepsi Commercial (health)

3. Michael Jackson Pepsi Generation (Celebrity)

4. Funny Monk Commercial

Part C:

Howard Moskowitz is a great and famous man in food industry He did a lot on making the Pepsico food better.

Moskowitz has been consulted by PepsiCo! Campbell SoupGeneral Foods, and Kraft for his expertise in food optimization

He will suggest the advs to show the benefit of pepsi on human health better! Because I've search for so many ads commercial pepsico have, but As far as I know ads I found didnt show anything about how the pepsi can make people healthy.


But  I do know Pepsico sponsor some global issue conferences. They sponsor the Youth Assembly at the United Nation I went. The who company actually really care about the sustainability of energy and other resources for food production.

Thank you so much!!!

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