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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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Dean Foods Company

Published : New York NY,

Dean Foods Sells Morning star

Tuesday December 4th

Media Post News – News


This Ad shows an image of
a Deans delivery truck stating “Since 1925 All that Matters.”
This is a pretty effective Ad for people who have grown up using
Deans dairy products. It createsa feeling of nostalgia amongst
consumers, and helps convince them that, no other dairy product is
quite as important to their lives as dean products are. This shows
that the audience was anyone born in the middle to late 20th
century, or parents of today's generation. I chose this to represent
the brand because it pushes their message of them being apart of
their consumers life since they were introduced in 1925

This ad shows a picture of
Skiers with a picture of Deans chocolate milk on the bottom. It than
shows facts of how the milk can help athletes achieve better success
rates. I truly like this ad due to its very convincing tone. It
makes the viewer automatically agree with the statements, about how
it builds lean muscle, and right away we begin to buy into the
product for the sole purpose of becoming better athletes.

image shows a picture of Deans dip on a football field with the image
of a dip that is labeled the other guys dip knocked over. This is a
great representation of the brand as well, because it shows how Deans
is again trying to place their product as part of the family
household. Dip is seen as a social food, and watching sports is also
a very social activity. Deans wants to convince consumers that they
have the premier product to utilize for these social activities. It
again makes the consumers feel as if it is a normal product to keep
around family friends and loved ones.


Mennela is a Bio psychologist that Moss introduces. She explores how
foods are rejected and accepted amongst mothers, and children. If she
was to view Deans ads, she would probably approve, based on the fact
that Deans is trying to appeal to mothers who are usually the grocery
buyers, as a product that is great for your family. The three ads
show that Deans has been around you and your family since 1925. It
also shows to mothers that their products are good for their children
athletes, and will bring your family together in a social setting to
all enjoy sporting events together. It is a very family oriented

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