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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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Part A:

Chiquita Brands International

Publisher: New York, NY Datamonitor

Access only given to UIC students. No author listed.

Smart alliance : how a global corporation and environmental activists transformed a tarnished brand

By: Gary J. Taylor

Publisher: New Haven : Yale University Press, c2004.

Part B:

The first ad that I thought was interesting was from the 1970’s. You can tell from this advertisement that they want to highlight the reasons that bananas are healthy. People who care about nutrition and health would be drawn to this ad. They also include a coupon, which would incline more people to buy these bananas opposed to if the coupon was not there. I think this ad should have been over all effective because it highlights the benefits of the product and bribes people with the coupon.


This ad was published more recently in the 2000’s. It is obvious that it is targeting parents of young children. They are saying that they should buy bananas for their kids to eat for lunch. It could also be targeting teachers or child care workers who provide kids with lunches too. This ad shows that the company is very family oriented and cares about its consumers.


According to the info posted on Youtube, this commercial was made in the 1940’s and was went its popular song was introduced. In the commercial it talks about the many different uses for Chiquita bananas. This shows that it is very versatile and there are many ways you can prepare bananas besides leaving them plain. This was only showed in the movie theaters, so people wouldn’t just see it anywhere. This was obviously good advertising, because a version of the jingle is still used today.

Part C:

After doing more research on Jean Mayer, I think he would like the Chiquita ads that I found. At one point during his career, he worked for the United Nations Task Force on Child Nutrition. In one of my ads it suggests that kids should bring Chiquita bananas for lunch, which is healthy and prevents obesity. The ad from the 70’s also promotes healthy eating and nutrition by listing reasons why the banana is good for you. He was a part of many organizations that promote health and nutritions, which is why I believe he would approve of these advertisements and the Chiquita product.

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