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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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 Title: How Americans use their Dairy Foods
Author: National Dairy Council
Date of Publication: 1954

Title: Methods of Improving Sales Opportunities on Retail Milk Routes; Research for American Dairy Association and Milk Industry Foundation
Author: Eastern Market Research Services, Inc.
Date of Publication: 1962

Title: Dean Foods Company
Author: Datamonitor
Date of Publication: Annual


Milk Related Campaigns

This campaign began by a milk marketer by the California Milk Processor Board and
advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners. These people were also
the same group that began the Got Milk? campaign. The controversial campaign in
2011 claimed that milk could help reduce the symptoms of PMS. Many people were
not happy with the campaign, but others found it funny and educational. The
microsite used for the campaign was changed from ""
to "" Although this campaign was short lived. it
was born from the same people who created the famous Got Milk? campaign. It was
spun out of control and many women found it insulting. Parodies of the campaign
claimed the ads were misogynistic. The campaign sparked my interest because the
Got Milk campaign was so popular. It's interesting that a campaign from the
same organizations backfired to that extent when everyone loved the Got Milk?


Got Milk? was a campaign started in California in 1993. It was launched to encourage the
drinking of milk in people of all ages. The California Milk Processor Board and
advertising agency Goodby, Silverstein & Partners started the initial
campaign, and Got Milk? became a household slogan. I had no idea that the
campaign started as early as 1993. It also became a way to market products that
weren't even dairy. This article describes Got Milk? themed toys like Barbie
and Hot Wheels. I found it interesting that despite the hype with the campaign
and numerous products that came out of it, it did not get people to buy and
consume more fluid milk. The campaign lasted twenty years, but it has been
replaced with the Milk Life campaign. However, most people who lived during the
1990's and 2000's recognize the Got Milk? campaign, and it was a big part of
the dairy industry.


I like this article because it outlines the Milk Life campaign and how it is different
from the Got Milk? campaign. The Milk Processor Education Program started the
new campaign to emphasize the importance of milk for an active lifestyle. The
campaign uses videos that start out showing sports, and end at a garage band
practice. The double meaning of this new campaign is brilliant. According to
Julia Kadison who is the interim CEO of MilkPep, "Milking life is about
getting every last drop out of your day. Having a milk ife is a way of living
where milk can empower you to do your best." Having a "milk
life" seems very enticing to me. Although it is sad to see the old slogan
and campaign go, the message of the Milk Life campaign is fresh and inspiring.


I was fascinated by Moskowitz's accomplishments as they were described in the reading. This quote stuck out the most to me; "Because what Moskowitz found is that hunger is a poor driver of cravings. We rarely get in the situation where our body and brain are depleted of nutrients and are actually in need of replenishment." Based on this quote, I would say that Moskowitz would use this as the excuse for the demise of the Got Milk? campaign. Statistics show that the sale of liquid milk has diminished compared to other sources of dairy like yogurt. Although Calcium and Vitamin D content is high in liquid milk, that is not enough of a reason for a person to crave it. Moskowitz would say that plain white milk is not sweet and sugary, which is many peoples' reason for buying or craving a certain food. Because of this, it seems clear why sugary yogurts and tasty cheeses have become more popular than liquid dairy. Moskowitz's lens helped me see the Got Milk? campaign and the dairy industry in a different way.

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