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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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   I used 2 articles from the magazine, Illinois Agriculture, as the source of the Illinois' infographic and those were 'An overview of the state's diverse agriculture industry' and 'The Finest Swine' Illinois' pork industry leads the country in breeding and genetics. While I went through these materials, I noticed that all information I found there were somewhat separate facts that show how hogs in Illinois contribute to and play an important role of the Illinois' and also the American economy. Therefore, I decided to focus on how I was able to show all these pieces of information as clearly as possible so that people who will look at my infographic will appreciate how influential the industry is for the state of Illinois as well as the US as a whole.

   In order to meet my objectives, I mainly used 2 strategies. First of all, as I mentioned above, all information I found in the materials were kind of chunks of facts such as how many hogs are raised in the state of Illinois and the rank of the state in the production of pork. Therefore, I decided to put all pieces information into bullet points. Furthermore, I made every important part such as figures and ranks bigger, and put them into groups by using different colors so that the important parts will stand out even more and will be easier to find.


   I believe that Marion Nestle probably would not like my infographic because my intention was on how to make the hog industry look good and important for not only the state of Illinois but also the US. My infographic seems to promote people to consider the industry important more and more, most likely without realizing or even trying to look at the negative aspect of the industry such as the risk of food "unsafety" due to swine breeding and genetics on which the state of Illinois has been working.

   I assume that Marion Nestle would advise me to include much more information from the article 'The Finest Swin' rather than  'An overview of the state's diverse agriculture industry' because her focus is more on the food safety, and she probably would prefer an infographic that would inform and make people start thinking about food safety. I reckon that she would suggest that I use a dark-colored background so that it would look somewhat "risky" and "dangerous."

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