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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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Exercise: Illinois Infographic

DUE: Sunday April 13 by 5P

Part A. You’ve been introduced to the, the online infographic creation tool. Browse though the latest edition of the Illinois’ Department of Agriculture’s magazine, Illinois AgricultureUsing information drawn from the article that begins on page 8, “Illinois Agriculture: An Overview of the State’s Diverse Agriculture Industry” and at least one other article in the magazine, create an info graphic on a farm commodity that’s central to your company (see list below) and its impact on the State of Illinois economy and ecology. Cite all the articles you use as your "sources" in your info graphic, and in the text for Part A. 

  • Pork-Tyson / Dairy-Dean  / Corn-Pepsi and Coke / Fruits and Vegetables-Dole and Chiquita /  Cattle-McDonald's / Wheat -Kellogg's / Soybean-Kraft
Now get to link for your infographic by clicking on the "view | share" link under your infographic icon at your login page (your login page should look like the image above). You can copy and paste the "weblink" URL it provides into your assignment page, or download the image and add it to your assignment page.

Part B. In 2 paragraphs, describe your process of design. What message(s) did you aim to emphasize? And what design and information strategies did you use to meet your objective? Make sure to cite all of the articles that you use for it (min. 2 articles) here, like in your infographic. 

Part C. In 2 additional paragraphs, consider our reading this week from Marion Nestle’s Safe Food. In 2 paragraphs, reflect on how she would likely react to your infographic. What general design adjustments or changes do you think she would suggest you (and the Dept. of Agriculture’s articles) include? Using her chapters, can you imagine what new information you could include?

Post the text for Parts A, B and C to our Scalar class site. Make sure post your response to the class site by SUNDAY, April 13th at 5P.  

* Tech Tips: Resources:
* Here is the guide to using that was handed out in class today. 
* Here are a few sites for finding new icons: and

Scalar Reminders:
* Title your Assignment Post using this format: ExerciseTitle_Your First Name. ie. "ExerciseIllinoisInfographic_Anita"
* to Add a Page: Click the "New" button below, title your post as indicated below, add or copy/paste the text of your essay, and click the "Save" button. 
* to Tag a Page: Click the "To tag this page, specify items that tag it" link below. Make sure the "Tags" tab is selected, and click on the appropriate exercise. Make sure to click on the "Save" button to save your changes. 

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