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[UIUC] MACS364: Food Networks - S2014

Anita Chan, Author

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Part A: 
Info graphic: Larger picture

Part B:

I designed “Where does Illinois

corn go?” to show the impact of corn to Illinois’ ecology, economy, and also
the impact to PepsiCo company. I extend
this topic by introducing corn is the main agriculture product of Illinois,
it usually rank No.2 in the whole nation, and also the profit (economy) corn
have brought to Illinois: In 2011. Illinois produced

billion corn, with a value of $ 12.3 billion. After that, I extend “Where does
Illinois corn go?” into 3 sub titles: ethanol, processing and export.

these 3 sub-points, I related these 3 uses of corn with some economy idea such
as the corn-made ethanol can reduce the cost of transportation, it can also
reduce co release to the air, hence impact Illinois ecology. At the same time,
I related 2 uses of corn to PepsiCo company. I showed how corn can benefit Pepsi’s


      I used double layers title “Where does Illinois corn go” to emphasize my topic. I
colorful color to make people interested in this info graphic.

I used the map and the red circle to show Illinois’s location in the U.S. I
also used some icons of corn, truck, Pepsi to make the info graphic easier for readers
to understand.


1.Illinois Agriculture. An
overview of the state's diverse agriculture industry

2. High & Dry. Drought of
2012 touches all agricultural sectors

3. Where Do Illinois Corn and
Soybeans Go? Learn the many uses of these important crops.

Part C: 

I think Nestle will like my info graphic becaue it is very well desgined and clear. She might not like the part Pepsi use sweetener for making diet pepsi because it is bad for health (it might cause cancer if you have too much sweetener in your body). 

For PepsiCo company, I think Nestle will trust PepsiCo because it is a big company that concern it's food safty problem all the time.

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