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Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Adventure games are making its way back into homes. Shadow of the Tomb Raider is one of my favorite. It offers adventure, danger, intense realistic graphics, and accurate voice acting. Although some qualities aren’t the same it’s still worth playing.

Tomb Raiders Laura Croft made her first appearance 1996 for personal computers, PlayStation and Sega Saturn consoles. Croft is the main protagonist of the video game franchise Tomb Raider. Croft is presented as physically strong, smart, and an archaeologist who ventures into ancient tombs and ruins that are hazardous all over the world.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider was released worldwide on September 14, 2018, for Microsoft Windows, Playstation4 and Xbox One. From figuring out puzzles, drastic killings and goriness Shadow of the Tomb Raider leaves you on edge and offers something for everyone. Destruction continues to follow Croft through Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Still looking for the answers to her father’s death Croft and her best friend Jonah Maiava ventures through South America to the legendary city of Paititi against the paramilitary unit Trinity.

Trinity is like a religion; followers believe that they are on the right path to travel the world in search of ancient secrets to get supernatural power. Throughout the series, Croft focused on figuring out what no good Trinity is up to. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider Laura’s searching for answers lead her to an ancient artifact.

Being warned by Dr. Dominguez who is the antagonist of The Shadow of the Tomb Raider and an important trinity figure that without the silver box the world would end. Not believing him a series of natural disasters was unleashed. A storm, an earthquake, and a tsunami came rushing through Cozumel México.  Shadow of the Tomb Raider also offers select difficulty. This makes it fun for each consumer because if you’re a beginner you can learn the controls at your pace and eventually moving up to a different difficulty. The overall difficulty is Rite of Passage, combat that gives consumers the choices of easy, normal and hard. The choice of difficulty goes for exploration and puzzle.

The game started a bit slow which made me anxious to see what would happen next. After about twenty to thirty minutes into the game, it starts to pick up. Once it picks up it doesn’t give its consumers a chance to go at the pace they’re interested in.
According to Ben Kuchera “Shadow of the Tomb Raider works hard to force you into a certain way of doing things, and it does not seem to have a lot of patience for players who would like to play at any other rhythm.” In Rise of the Tomb Raider, there wasn’t much direction to what to do. Consumers were able to create their own path, explore, and create weapons before completing the mission. In the Shadow of the Tomb Raider when something is done wrong there is a quick and brutal death that leads to the rebirth of Croft with a hint telling you the correct way of doing things.

Some consumers enjoy taking their time instead of rushing through a game because they would be able to complete side missions in hidden temples that helps amplify Croft’s skills in the jungle. These skills are extremely helpful for when consumers want to get more out of the game within the story instead of finishing it within a day or two. Because of the constant restart of not doing the correct things do come annoying to their consumers being walked through every second of the game.

They’re many things to commend Ewido’s Montréal with Crystal Dynamics game developers of Shadow of the Tomb Raider on. For example, intricate graphics, amazing voice actors and importantly a realistic feeling. They also took into consideration feedback from their consumers on Rising of the Tomb Raider. Laura couldn’t breathe for a long time underwater which made her gasp for air, swimming was easy and increased difficulty. Crystal Dynamics followed the wishes of Montréal and fans.

For a company who listens to their consumer’s feedback and adjust the game to their liking creates a standing ovation because not all publishers care about how their gamers feel about their product. Shadow of the Tomb Raider gets an eight despite listening to their consumers they took out things their consumers enjoyed.

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