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Media Review #2: Shannese: The Breakfast Club

Radio Review : The Breakfast Club!

What's a morning without a morning a routine? Let me share mine with you. I wake up get dressed, do a quick Being Mary Jane motivational quote, grab a bagel with a drink and I can't forget the shit talking with my favorite friends the Breakfast Club!


Now I know what some of you may be thinking, “OMG! I love the Breakfast Club! Well this is not the “Don’t You Forget About Me,” theme song Breakfast Club with the five school kids who were stuck in detention. Instead this is the “Goooodmorning this is DJ Envy, Angela Yee, and Charlamagne and you are listening to the Breakfast Club,” Breakfast Club. You get it...right?

Okay let me break it down. Every morning from 6 -10 am on Power105.1, New York is awakened by a group of three individuals talking about everyday topics. There’s Envy, the light-skin DJ who is not your ordinary DJ that just play mixes and promote parties, but he also participates in the discussion at hand. Envy is known for being “The Family Man,” out of the three, he’s always mentioning his wife and kids as if he’s never cheated before… ooop yes I said it lol. Next in the group we have the heartthrob Angela Yee. Yee has been hosting for years, podcasts shows and more, but on the BFC she is the “Female Dominant,” representing for all of the women out there. Lastly we have the favorite of the group, “The Knowledgeable Clown,” Charlamagne Tha God. Who stirs up the pot with his witty remarks and sarcastic responses, however, doesn’t mind dropping a few gems once in awhile specifically towards the youth.

The three combined is a force to be reckoned with as everyday they provide entertainment news  to the NYC community. From Tekashi 6ix9ine getting caught by the feds to Gabrielle Union and Dwayne Wade having their baby through surrogacy, to Kevin Hart starring in a new movie or Lil Duval dropping his first song ever “Smile B*tch,” to Trump’s presidential failures. They literally cover it all.

Though what they are really known for, which is all of our favorites, are the Breakfast Club interviews and segments on Revolt TV! Let’s start with the interviews, because  BFC has done it and said it all. The interview segment is the part where Charlamagne, Angela Yee and Envy speak to a celebrity about their accomplishments, whether they dropped a new book or single; their love life, who is dating who in the industry; and their personal life, the struggles they faced and obstacles they went through to get where they are today. Celebrities ranging from the A-list down to the D-list, such as P.Diddy, DJ Khaled, Migos, Cardi B, City Girls, Bobby Brown, Ice Cube and more have all set foot in the BFC studio for an interview. Some were funnier than others, such as the DC Young Fly, Chico Bean, and Karlous episode, which was full of comedians creating a comedy riot! While some almost got violent, like the signature  “Put Some Respeck On My Name,” Birdman interview, which I know you all have seen and if you haven’t please get out from the rock you've been sleeping under and check it out, it’s highly recommended!

In addition to the interviews catching one's eyes...and ears, the segments are another staple to the what makes the BFC so original. It’s like the ingredients to the perfect breakfast meal of pancakes, bacon, and eggs.Content such as the classic favorite “Donkey of the Day,” where Charlamagne chooses an individual daily and calls them a donkey for making a fool of themselves in public, or “ The Rumor Report,” with Angela Yee, where she speaks on the top gossip that has been surfacing throughout social media, but not yet confirmed true, to  “Ask Yee,” where you can either call up to vent or ask Angela for advice, and lastly the favorite, “Shoot Your Shot!” Which the listeners can call on air and attempt their best pick up lines to whoever they are crushing on from the BFC. Fair warning though some of these calls do tend to go from PG-13 to RATED R.

With that being said if you are from NYC and looking for  the #1 show out there and think it’s Ebro in the Morning, you thought wrong because the Breakfast Club is definitely the show that the sun shines on daily. Hilarious, great interviews, teaches lessons, unique original content and the entertainment is actually entertaining. No matter how much you listen to it and how much you love it, you will never get full when hanging out with the Breakfast Club because you will always be hungry for more! See what I did there ;)


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