Television and Radio Criticism

Review #2 of film

Student: Authurine Nelson
Prof: Mobina Hashmi
Class: TVRA 4430W
Media Review #2
Date: November 14, 2018
Title: MudBound
Words count 707
Character count 250
Dee Rees is another independent filmmaker and screenwriter as Spike Lee whose talent is lifting off the air these days. Her last debuted film is reflecting current political movement and feminism. Based on a novel by Hillary Jordan. It tells the story of two families brought together in Mississippi Delta in the Jim Crow south hegemonic cultural and social hierarchy period. The film is a drama about a black and white family unlikely friendship that simmers racial violence in the Post World War 11. Mudbound didn’t fail to bring the true realism of the south and the period where race had divided America. The south was a troubling place for people of colors. Color people were segregated by dominant hierarchy who tells them not to be seen talking to white folks or riding in-front with white men. It’s a sad story about racism in America. No show can ever tell the whole story of the past but you can learn how the black people were treated as slave. 
The story is shared on the values of feminism, hate, slavery, liberty and power. The laws of the south was a dangerous place to live as a black man, you could never be seen riding into the front a vehicle with a white man or even having a white wife. This film tells you about a case of a black boy who was almost killed by Ku Klux Klan for driving and having a white a friend. In particular of having this friend he must be intoxicated and reckless to be involved with a black boy. Ronsel (Black) was draft to go oversea to fight for his country in World War 11. He became a sergeant in Germany and at high price of that he got involved with a white woman who love him. Liberated to explore his feminist with a different species from his color. They both live together in Germany through the war in a society where it was neutral  in Germany to walk down the street with a white person. Henry, brother of the white family Jamie, was draft for the war. He was a fighter pilot. In an incident he was rescued by a black pilot on a mission when he and another pilot was circle by the enemy. Henry was a womanizer. He had no girlfriend but always in the company of females. Girls were is play thing and would not settle to have a family as his brother Jamie. The story touches on the individual influence in society that changes their life. After the war they both came back to America, as Jim Crow laws was in-effect. Ronsel return to a law in Mississippi that separate all blacks from white. As he drove home in the bus, there was sign that separated blacks must sit in the back. Mudbound explores a ugly time of history and contemporary hierarchy society of white. Today we are still living the past and Dee Rees challenges the provocative jurisdiction in Mississippi. 
Dee Rees challenge the discourse of feminist theory speak for themselve in filming Mudbound. Mudbound subordinate the post feminism theory of political, economic and social force injusty the 1940s. Laura(Corey Mulligan) who plays the wife of Henry is bound for farm for Mississippi to start over with her husband and family that she never agree with. Realizing how terrible the situation she tries to be friends with the black wife so she hired her to take care of her while she tends to her children. The movie is an ugly encounter through racism and yet it explores the ideology of gender inequality of women. Scholar Omi and Winant suggest that race is bias and colorblind and today we are still exploring racism in our modern world society. Well these movies remind us that history still exist as we explore gender inequality and racism. 
The music score was composed by the great Tamer-Kali from Brooklyn. Allowed her talented skills to edge of Mudbound with a indigestion and daunting side of music. The film is watchable in terms of the past and present movement of political and social structure.

MudBound is an old fashioned film that tackles race and gender equality in the Jim Crow law in Mississippi. It represent the conception of history, gender, power, freedom, and sexism. The life of two families black and white living on the same farm. 

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