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Black Mirror Hang The DJ review from Joshua Sobers

Black Mirror Hang The DJ review from Joshua Sobers 

Joshua Sobers Media Review

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Netflix Black mirror is the twilight zone on steroids Ep4 S4 is no exception a Futuristic tinder Siri tells the public how long they are with a partner for though there is a twist but I guess you are going to have to watch to know what the twist is.


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Netflix original series has done it yet again. Creating a great pieces of content that you can keep on watching  over and over and still learn more information about it. The Black Mirror series is a take on the twilight zone for the 21st-century. If you don’t know what the twilight zone is Google says Its a science fiction, psychological thriller, most of the time ending with unexpected twist, and most of the with a  moral ending for the audience member to learn.

One example of the twilight zone that I can give is one where there is  a husband and wife that live together the husband loves reading the wife is always bothering him about reading and wants to have more of a connection with him but he doesn’t like that. If I remember correctly he enters a dimension where he has all the books in the world but then his reading glasses break and he is stuck in this world to suffer. Showing certain wishes should not be granted to certain people if they are selfish in nature.

In this particular episode of Black Mirror called Hang the DJ that this review is about is just basically about what some may see dating and romance might become in the 22nd century if we don’t put any a stop or some type of puasing of using dating apps to find our soulmates or change this new trend of online dating. If we don't this is something that we might become and will change the way that we see love forever. In this trailer we meet Frank and Amy the couple that you will first see in the very beginning of the show with these egg like smart phones that you will see in there hand fourth seconds after the  trailer has started. These weird white tech eggs are called couch. They talk to users if you ask them any questions about the system. The System is the dating app Using algorithms to find the perfect match. These tech eggs as I like to call them seems very futuristic in a way, if we didn’t have our own Siri. Though this Siri is a Siri tinder remix. Thought one thing is still apparent about technology it will never understand the slang that we use as humans. This is something that keep this episode quite funny

You can see in the trailer on 22 second  Amy says to coach “are we Supposed to just go out it? Can you can see from the systems responses it says define go at it. The system is basically a big giant algorithm machine that generates couples to be together but for only certain periods of time these periods of time call expiration dates. This how is how long the two partners will be together for until they are paired up with another match seems pretty crazy. Well that is. When you first meet Frank and  Amy you think that it looks like they’re meant to be if they though they just have 12 hours to be with one another. The system keep saying that it knows best. So they go with other partners having other relationships thinking about one another in thinking maybe the system is wrong with the system always keeps on saying everything happens for a reason. And there’s a big twist that I don’t want to give away, maybe the system is wrong maybe life and the reasons behind certain things are meant for you to rebel against him or maybe you follow suit like a mindless robots and follow every single word that the system or what life throws at you. It’s really interesting for a show to show use as the audience what could happen if we do put a stop to society being taken over by technology.

To find out this twist out I guess you’re gonna have to watch the episode I give it a five out of five stars. If you enjoy what you have just read please watch this episode of black mirror. If you I like the big crazy twist at the end I believe that you enjoy any of the Black Mirror episodes.  



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