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Algeria is a country that was colonized, fought for freedom, and created their own government. This government failed to keep its promises of upholding a democratic system. The last president— Abdelaziz Bouteflika— was in power for over 20 years.

Watch the following video clip to learn more about Algeria's recent history:

Now, the newly elected president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune—an ally to Bouteflika—claims to be rewriting the constitution with special attention to human rights.

According to Al Jazeera

... thousands of protesters took to the streets again on Friday [06 December 2019], rejecting the result of an election they decried as a "charade" due to the five candidates' links to the old guard and reiterating their demands for the departure of the entire political establishment.

This year, as the government works on new drafts of the constitution without transparency, the protests continue. This is occurring during the COVID-19 Pandemic, giving the government access to new rules and regulations that they can use to arrest and charge protesters. 

According to Amnesty International

On Friday 19 June [2020], Hirak protests resumed, with police officers arresting at least 500 protesters in 23 cities, according to the Algerian League for the Defense of Human Rights. Many were released without charge, but at least 70 were prosecuted under Penal Code provisions such as "incitement to unarmed gathering" and "exposure of the life of others to danger" during a pandemic, which could lead to five years in prison. Out of the 70, at least 12 were put on pre-trial detention by various courts in Algeria.

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