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"Sonnet--To England" - D.L. Richardson - Annotation


By D.L. Richardson

To England

Fair England! Thine untravell’d sons may bear
A tranquil sense of thy surpassing worth,
As those who ne’er have parted from their birth
In faith serene their social comforts share;
Be he, alone, doth feel how deeply dear
The charms of home, who wildly wandering forth
To distant realms, finds dreariness and dearth
E’en where kind Nature’s lavish blooms appear.—
Around his path bright scenes unheeded lie,
For these are tinged not with his early dreams—
His heart is far away! Thy varied sky
Dappling the silent meads with clouds and gleams—
Thy nest-like cottages, and silver streams—
Are all that catch the Wanderer’s dreaming eye!

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