The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Oluwaseun Video Story 3

The Problem:
The problem that we have in the world today is no being able to communicate with other people in the community. One of the problems mentioned in the videos is finding ways to have a cooking night and have people make different foods at a certain location. Another problem mentioned was what kind of jobs would they or people in the community like to have.

The girl in this video mentions some problems that can also relate to different communities around the world. Having opportunities like a Community Meal can help bring people together and realize the similarities and differences in there culture and lifestyles.

I can relate to the two girls in the video because they talk about having a cooking night because I feel like this would be a good way to get more people to have a background in cooking. People can also learn more about different ways to make food as well.

I really like how this Imani really explains the farms are a good source to get food but they are also pricy. This is good to mention so that when the people organizing the farms are making improvements for the next couple of years they can probably look and incorporate the amount of money people have to spend.
In an article called Eating Dinner Together is the Quintessential Human Experience, that I found by Louise O. Fresco, who is is a Dutch scientist and writer known for her work on globally sustainable food production, she mentions that

Eating around a table means both eating and talking, if only to say a few words of praise for what is presented to us. At the table we talk about what we’ve eaten before and what we’re going to eat and everything in between. If we say nothing at the table, then there is always the refusal of food as the final word.

I thought that this was an interesting quote because when you eat together whether it is with family, friends or strangers there is always a story or something to learn about other people at that moment.

The solution that they had was to reach out to people who are locals and go to the type of programs that they have in Frogtown and Rondo to help them find things that they can change to get more people interested and taking all the opportunities that can really help them as a community.

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