The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

How Food Connects People

People have always come together with a common connection - food. They share meals together, gathering around the table to meet new people, come together with family or friends. David talks about how the restaurant has become a place where people are able to gather and come together. They have hopes to continue to grow that!

Tim Paige also talks about how food can bring people together and that is important to him.

Conversations around food are also addressed in the book, The Color of Food. The author, Natasha Bowens, would often share food with the people she would be visiting while they would share their stories with her. I believe this was a powerful way to connect. also has a story from 2014 titled How Sharing Food Makes You A Better Person in which they discuss how sharing food with people can make you think about fairness, authority and greed. Sharing food, since early days, has been linked with cooperation. 

I hope that these conversations will continue in the community. I believe these conversations are more important to have now than ever. Let's continue to get some food and get together with people that we may not know and have a conversation!


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