The Art of Food in Frogtown and Rondo

Q5: Diane - shopping in many different places

I start out with my basic food, the basic staples I try to get at the co-op, or at Asian markets that are in my neighborhood. I've been gardening since I was a little girl - I've even been a farmer, so I try to grow a lot of what I eat. And I live in an apartment building, so I grow much in a community garden plot, and I also have containers where I grow things, and I'll grow things that I can keep for a long period of time. I grow all my own garlic. I grow most of the squash that I eat. In previous years, I've grown most of the herbs that I eat, otherwise I'll get them at the co-op. I feel very privileged that I have both the knowledge and the ability to do that, and I want everyone in the world to have that knowledge and that ability. As far as my community -- my community garden, and I can't tell you about all of my neighbors, but a lot of them have gardens where they can at least grow and can their own tomatoes and things like that.

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