New Architecture Designing: Modern Architecture Trends


What is architecture? It’s more than just glass, steel and concrete. architecture is about solving problems and understanding the context of a puzzle beyond the define boarders of a site. It’s a practice of delivering solution that fit within a larger whole, while creating greater meaning than the sum of the individual parts. Architecture is a living story of societies are reflected and affected by the build environment. It’s a practice of giving birth to form a function, from concept and purpose. Giving shape to light and shadow molding the earth and casting permanence into existence, in order to give purpose and meaning to space. Architecture is a story of civilization’s past, present and future. Inspiring innovation, growing community, and improving your quality of life. So, the question is… how you are contributing to that story? What inspires your vision? What challenges can you transform into opportunities? Who does your work serve? What do you dare to dream possible? The real question is… What is your story? 

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