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Top Door locks to Install in San Francisco - Secure Home Architecture

Having a secure home gives a great peace of mind. Your House Architect should keep that in mind when designing your new home. Security of your house depends on Multiple things but choosing a secure door lock is an important one. You must discuss the security level of your home when your Architect discuss the blueprint of your new house project. Selecting door lock type (electronic lock, double cylinder lock, etc) is also an important point when you're having this conversation with the home designer. Beside that you also have to select a Professional Locksmith in San Francisco to install door locks to ensure your home security. A Safe Home is the place you should go for to live.

Top Door Lock Types to choose in San Francisco Bay Area

Doesn't matter where you you need lock services in your new Home Whether in San Mateo or in Dale City CA, Select Locks that will last for decades. Ensuring your Bay Area Home security is important. Here are a few locks to choose from,


Deadbolts Locks

A common type of lock in San Francisco Homes. Deadbolts functioning is comparatively better than other common lock types like spring bolt-locks. As their position don't change if keys are not inserted in cylinder, it makes them more secure. Schlage Deadbolt (B660P) are rated No#1 by ANSI and they come with a great price of $158 normally. Lock Piking of Schlage B660P takes more time than usual making them expensive for home lockout services but they are great in securing your home on the other hand.

Mortise Locks

You might be thinking Mortise Locks are same as Deadbolts, but they are not. Plus, Mortise locks are not common as well like Deadbolt Locks because of multiple factors. However, they provide better protection to your home compared to spring bolt locks. Because Mortise Locks are installed in Door Frame, it makes them extra protected and difficult for burglars to break through you door.

When it comes to the cost Mortise Locks are expensive than the above mentioned locks. Quality mortise locks starts from $300 and adds a couple of hundred more when you are looking for the best. But the expensive cost is valid because of the increased security level and protection against the burglars. Due to this they are mostly used in offices than home.

Some Top Mortise Locks include Sargent Lock for exit door & Yale Privacy Mortise Lock and Schlage as well ranging between $350 to $ 500 in Price

Key-less & Electronic Door Locks

We know Electronic Locks are different than Keyless door locks but both gives you the freedom from having a key available when you want to enter your home. In Keyless Door Locks all you need to remember is the combination to put in the keypad. Where Smart Locks can be more effective with the AI like linking your cell phone of thumb impression sensor to unlock the door. Kwikset, Schlage, August all have smart locks available and they can be cheaper than the mortise locks. On the other hand they can be expensive if you got locked out due to any technical fault


Your Door is the way to get into your San Francisco Home so it should be a secure on as well. Choosing a door lock can be tricky but it all depends on your budget and the level of security needed in your house. Deadbolts can be enough if you live in Gated Community where in some place Mortise Locks would be a better option