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Architecting Kitchen Layout

Designing a new kitchen can be overwhelming given to ideas you gather from internet or magazines. However the way you are looking to use your kitchen work space is an important factor. The first thing to consult with the architect are the available options for your Kitchen Layouts. Discussing your cooking style with the kitchen designer can also be helpful in leading towards the final options for your kitchen remodeling. There are 6 Popular layouts for kitchen you can choose from

Parallel Kitchen Layout

Also known as Galley & Walk through kitchen is efficient layout well suited for rectangular space. 12*20 can be ideal space if you are looking to add a small island in the middle. Galley Kitchens are Cabinet efficient given to the three sided walls in the layout

One Wall Kitchen

A common Layout for Studio & Small Homes Kitchen as they use a minimum space. It Puts Cooking, Prep & Storage in a same line adjacent to the wall. Cleaning work space ( Sink ) ideal location is corner in One Wall Kitchen designing right next to the preparation work space.

Horse-Shoe Kitchen

A Well Suited Kitchen for large rectangular space. Cabinet Spacing is great given to the large area, this layout has three sided walls well suited for cabinets & appliances. U shaped kitchen a very efficient work wise as well. With Large Counter & Cabinet space make cooking much easier

L Shape Kitchen Layout

A great choice for small family homes, and best if you got small floor space room. L shape layout utilizes two walls for cabinets, appliances & counter-tops, giving an efficient design for the mixing of Preparation and Cooking . Leftover space can also accommodate board or an island as well if needed

Island Kitchen

They have the benefit of more work and space for storing to a kitchen. The island can be utilized for appliances, cabinet space, sink, along the area to eat on counter-top. Facility of island to evolve L-shaped kitchens into a horseshoe layout as well


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