Romaniote Memories: A Jewish Journey from Ioannina, Greece to Manhattan: Photographs by Vincent Giordano


Web Resources

Queens College Jewish Studies Research Guide
Guide to databases, journals, books, and other resources available through the Benjamin S. Rosenthal Library at Queens College.

Central Board of Jewish Communities in Greece
Links to nine active Jewish communities in Greece, as well as to information on 18 pre-World War II Jewish communities and their heritage.

Etz Hayyim Synagogue, Hania (Crete)
This restored synagogue acts a religious and cultural center. The web page offers important history about Romaniote Jews and links to other resource.

Jewish Heritage Europe: Greece
Resource page with information and links to news, heritage sites, museums, and publications.

Jewish Museum of Greece
History of the museums, its collection, and exhibitions, with many links to other resources about Greek-Jewish history and art.

Kehila Kedosha Janina Synagogue and Museum, New York
Information about past and present of New York’s Romaniote community as well as more extedned resources on Jews in Greece, and the Holocaust in Greece.Jewish Life in Greece Before the Holocaust
Facing History provide material, especially useful for teachers and students, about the Jews of Greece before and during the Holocaust.


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