Revolutionizing Weimar Germany's Public Sphere

Path 2: Discover the Functional Montage on your own!

My rationale for this path and its structure:

This path should allow my users to discover the what I call "functional montage" of one section on their own.
This path will intentionally exclude Tucholsky's essay from the section "Schöne Zeiten" / "Good Times" and guide the user only through the photographs of this section.

The first page on this path will include instructions and questions for the second page.
The second page includes a slideshow movie that features all 3 photos of "Good Times" plus a montage of all 3 photographs, similar to the section "Good Times". The user has to watch this 30 second clip before moving on to the next page.
The third page includes then again the montage and the photos within their original page layout.
On the fourth and final page, there will be a slideshow with all 3 photographs, this time with background information. After that, users will be asked what they think the visual narrative is telling here. 

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