Revolutionizing Weimar Germany's Public Sphere: The Invasion of the Worker

Step 1: Instructions and Questions

The next page on this page will contain a short movie, that will present you only with the photographs (not text) of the section "Good Times."

The purpose of this path is to allow you to discover the "functional montage" on your own. 
In order to do so, you will first encounter the photographs only and then see them in a photomontage that resembles their original arrangement within GG's layout.
Then you will see them within their original page layout.
In a last step, you will be provided with additional information, via annotations, about these photos. 
Then, it will be your turn to check if this functional montage is telling you something, if there is a visual narrative that conveys to you the intention of this section, without reading Tucholsky's text. 

Now, for the second step on this path, sit back and look at the following slideshow. 

Try to answer these 2 questions, while looking at the photographs in the slideshow on the next page of this path:

  1. What do you notice?

  2. Who is depicted in those photographs?

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