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Scholarly Resources for Sarah Smith's "King of Space"

During the course of working with Sarah Smith on the Live Stream Traversal of King of Space, she donated materials relating to its development to us so that we could share this information with scholars interested in further study of her work. This treasure trove of heretofore unavailable archival material include both digitalized copies of Smith's private papers and digital files saved to floppy disks of her planning papers, early drafts, sketches and other items that shed light on the work.

Part 1: Sarah Smith's Digital Copies of Private Papers
There are a total of 10 .pdf files representing Smith's private papers that she digitalized and shared with us. Of these, nine are available for download below:

1. "Author's Notes for King of Space"

2. "The Complete Plan of King of Space, Part 1 (5/18/89)"

3. "The Complete Plan of King of Space, Part 2 (5/18/89)"

4. "The Complete Plan of King of Space, Part 3 (5/18/89)"

5. "Original Art for King of Space"

6. "Original Manuscript for King of Space, Part 1 (1988)"

7. "Original Manuscript for King of Space, Part 2 (1988)"

8. "Publisher Promotion-Story Teaser for King of Space (1989)"

9. "Script Changes for King of Space (10/27/89)"

Part 2: Digital Files Saved to Floppy Disks
Sarah Smith sent us six 3 1/2-inch floppy disks that contain text, images, and promotional materials associated with King of Space. We are making an inventory of all of the contents on them and will make this information available after we complete the task.

1. "King Text in Storyspace"
2. “New King of Space” (Unpublished)
3. "The Lady NII: Aldebran"
4. "King of Space graphics"
5. "King of Space" (Older Files)
6. "King of Space poster"

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