Public Education | Participatory Democracy: After Neoliberalism

Interactive Documentary

They say we have choice. It’s a chance, not a choice. You put your kid in a lottery and you have a chance to get into a school; and you don’t even have a neighborhood school to fall back on. ~Parent Advocate, Journey for Justice 

As an interactive documentary, Public Education|Participatory Democracy after neoliberalism, is a web-based ethnographic film project that integrates content—text, images, sounds, graphics, film, and a map—in a digital format. Because of the fluidity of the Internet and the SCALAR platform, you (the viewer-reader) can navigate as you wish.  The filmwork—as a collection of short films (instead of a feature-length movie)—allows you to view given the time you want to devote to the project. The films are embedded in text throughout and available in the Shorts Collection. The text offers context, substance, theory and research that you can read. As the viewer-reader, you can move through this web-documentary by creating your own path, determining your pace, and returning as you desire. If interested in more in depth exploration, go to the Extended Play Collection for films of individual interviews and events. Because this is an on going project started in 2012, new pages and films appear regularly.

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