Public Education | Participatory Democracy: After Neoliberalism


Public Education|Participatory Democracy after neoliberalism

SPECIAL THANKS:     TCU Women & Gender Studies Program Claudia V. Camp Research & Creative Activity Award  ~  TCU Center for Public Education  ~  TCU College of Education Summer Research Fund  ~  Northeastern Illinois University College of Education  ~  Leadership Academy, Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts  ~  TCU Research & Creativity Fund  ~  Bergamo Conference on  ~ Curriculum Theory & Classroom Practice  ~  TCU Invests in Scholarship Fund  ~  Camille Pratt Truitt  ~  Education & Social Research Institute, Manchester Metropolitan University  ~  University of Texas San Antonio African American Studies Program

Film & Research CREW:     Mila Zhu  ~  Ying Wang  ~  Anthony Walker  ~  Jackie Hoermann  ~  Yoon Lee  ~  Gabe Huddleston  ~  Channa Barrett  ~  Michelle Rollins  ~  Brian Glenn  ~  Victoria Reneau  ~  Altheria Gaston  ~  Lizzie Kittleman  ~  Lea Lester

MUSIC:     Dragons to Slay, Truth Serum (album) by Garland Jeffreys   ~  Frontlines, Highly Effective (album) by Dudley aka Origin

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