Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Network Analysis and Data Visualization

Network Analysis of Colleges Presidents attended:

Above is a network, created using Cytoscape, which provides some of the shared college connections between the Presidents. Three different nodes color are attributed in this visualization; the blue represents the universities attended by the presidents, while the white are the presidents, and red is presidents that have no college education. The edges are the dotted lines connecting the presidents to the university that they attended. In visualizing this data I chose to include all universities that the presidents have attended. Meaning some presidents have a higher education,  such as those who went to graduate school and received a masters degree, while others have not. More than one edge connection represents the attendance of some presidents to multiple universities, while others have one edge connection to a single institution. Harvard, Yale, and Columbia seem to be the universities attended to most by the presidents. The other larger group is the red node and labeled "N/A" to visualize the seven presidents that did not attend a university or have a formal education. There are a total of 10 presidents that did not receive a college degree, the visualization only provides 7 of those presidents. The 3 remaining presidents are connected to universities because they have gone to college but not finished with a degree. The 7 president visualizaed in the "N/A" node are those who have not attended higher education.

Data Visualization of Number of Degrees received by the Presidents:

Above is a data visualization, created using Tableau, of the data visualization represented as a bar graph shows the different types of degrees and how man presidents have received of each. The variety of degrees provides the diversity of study among the presidents. This visualization differs from the above network because it shows the total 10 presidents that have received no college degree. This visualization provides the information necessary to move into the next section of text analysis of the Inaugural Speeches of the presidents. 

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