Presidential Inaugural Addresses


The president Inaugural speeches and the education levels of the president provides a deeper look into the content and diction of presidents with a college degree and those without a college degree. An obvious assumption or argument could be made that presidents with college degrees would fair better than those without, in which my project does attempt to convey. Some characterization can be made of better writing such as shorter sentences, more concise writing, better structure, and extensive vocabulary use. In viewing the speeches separately, some sentences are extremely long. For example, President Zachary Taylor has very few periods that end statements in his speech. Other presidents with a college degree like, President Obama,  have shorter sentence length which can be atrributed to more structure, and consise writing for speech purposes. There are clear distinctions made between the average words per sentence, average words per document, as well as the vocabulary density in the speeches. In each area presidents with a college degree have less words words per sentence and document, and a higher vocabulary density. These areas can be characterized by good writing and speech giving skills, which are not present in presidents having no college degree. In comparing the speeches in two groups, college degree and no college degree, this provides an deeper look into the content and diction of speeches writen and given by President of the United States. 


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