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Bachelor of Arts in History Undergraduate Student 

Samantha Hostetler is a senior undergradute student at Arkansas State University, where she will receive her Bachelor of Arts in History with a certificate in Digital Humanities in Spring 2020. Samantha has previously recivied an Associates degree in Science before joining the History Department in Spring of 2018. While nursing was her previous intented career path, history remained a passion of hers. Since becoming a part of the department she is also working toward recieving a Digital Humanities Certificate. Her other work includes a collaborative digital thematic exhibit on The Spanish Civil War with her other peers. European and American History are her study of interest. She later plans to obtain her Master's degree in History to then work within a museum setting.

A special note and thanks from the Presidential Inaugural Speeches Project:

The Presidential Inaugural Speeches project began with only the texts of the Presidents Inaugural addresses. With help from my Digital Humanities class at Arkansas State University, supervised by Dr. Andrea Davis, my project and research morphed into so much more. I hope the viewing experience is just as intriguing as it was for me creating the project.
A special thanks to my classmates and Dr. Davis for guidance and feedback while I created the Presidential Inaugural Speeches project, my deepest grattitude to you all.  

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