Presidential Inaugural Addresses

Textual Analysis of the Inaugural Speeches

Text Analysis of Presidents with No College Degree:

Above are two text analysis visualizations that provide a look into the content of the speeches. Voyant was the tool used to create these visualizations of the speeches. Two tools a part of Voyant include documents and summary were used to create these text analysis visualizations. The first tool, documents, separates out the speeches and shows the amount of words, types, ratio, and a percentage of how many words per sentence on averge in each speech. While the summary tool provides a look into total amount of words, unique words, document length, vocabulary density, and average words per sentence. 

Text Analysis of Presidents with College Degree:

The same Voyant tools, documents and summary, are used in the visualization above  to analyze presidents with college degrees. In comparing the two on a basic level there are already a few differences present. If looking at the documents tool and viewing the average words per sentence, they appear to be longer in presidents with a college degree versus those without a college degree. With a little math, the percentage of words per sentence of presidents with no college degree compared to those with a college degree are around 75% being presidents without a degree to 44% being presidents with a college degree. I based my math on adding together speeches with the average words per sentence of 30 or more words, which is already semi excessive for amount of words per sentence. In outside research, the consenseus seemed that an average of 20 words per sentence seemed most common, but I went a little higher based on viewing the words per sentence as it seemed more of a pattern with 30 or more words than less. The average words per doc with no college are around 2670 words while the speeches belonging to president with college are 2442. This provides that on average presidents with a college degree have shorter word counts. The vocabulary density can also be another aspect viewed under the summary tool window. The density in president with college degree versus those without a college degree are higher than that of president without a college degree. In viewing both vocabulary densities, president with no college degree have a higher amount of those with lower vocabulary density, realtive to how many president there are in each section, than those with a college degree. While some assumptions can already be made, in my conclusion I will tie together my project in order to provide the final analysis of the observations made of the Presidential Inaugural Speeches and their college education. 


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