Medieval Padua: Digital Cultural Heritage: Medieval Padua Art in the UNESCO World Heritage List

Annotating Images via IIIF

Through IIIF viewers, we can view, compare, and annotate images of artworks documenting the fresco cycles in Padua.

Learn more about IIIF technologies.

To start, find a IIIF manifest for an image. Open the Mirador demo. Zoom in and out, move the image around, and compare and contrast the image to a number of images you select and enter into the viewer.

For example, Giotto, Saint Francis's Glory, Assisi
Here is the IIIF manifest:
And this is what the image looks like in a IIIF viewer, Mirador:

Now, let's try this in Universal Viewer
And this is what the image looks like in another IIIF viewer, Universal Viewer: ​​​​​​​

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