Folk music and Yorkville Coffeehouses

The Penny Farthing Playlist

BOTH SIDES NOW - JONI MITCHELL: Some say the first time she played it was in Winnipeg at a coffee house performance attended by Neil Young. Some say it was The Riverboat. Regardless, this is one of Mitchell's most famous and earliest songs that she would have performed both in the "Dungeon" and the main stage of the Penny Farthing.

SUZANNE - LEONARD COHEN: Unfortunately, the Stormy Clovers edition is not on Spotify (and is on YouTube instead) but this is the Cohen penned song sung by the man himself.

GOING TO THE COUNTRY - BRUCE COCKBURN: One of the earliest written songs by Cockburn that he would have played in the coffee house circuit. It was included on his first self titled album in 1970.

SOME DAY BABY - LONNIE JOHNSON: One of the most popular songs by a man who after frequenting the Penny Farthing would open his own coffee house called Home of the Blues which was a financial failure because people did not want a coffee house that catered to solely jazz and the blues.

WHEN YOUR LOVER HAS GONE - OSCAR PETERSON: A stellar track by this Canadian who is considered to be one of the greatest jazz pianists of all time. Ben Webster makes an appearance on saxophone.

CA-NA-DA 1967 - JIM MCHARG'S METRO STOMPERS: A jazz song dedicated to Canada from The Penny Farthing's house band. Available on YouTube.

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