The Abbey of La Trinité in Vendôme, France and the Cult of the Holy Tear: An Exploration of a Multi-Sensory Devotional Experience

Paris, BnF, MS nouv. acq. fr. 20225

This manuscript seems to be a collection of charters and extracts of documents copied from sources at La Trinité collected by Hughes Lanthenas (1634–1701), a monk in the Congregation of St. Maur who was in residence at the abbey. Lanthenas sent the manuscript to the Benedictine scholar Jean Mabillon.

On this page, titled “the chests [coffres] of gold in which is conserved at Vendôme the Holy Tear of our Lord,” the nesting reliquaries are listed from the largest to the smallest.

At the bottom of the page, the last entry describes the containers that entrapped the Holy Tear. 

Translation: The two vessels in which the Holy Tear is enclosed, with two chains of gold, two rings, and two [gem]stones, weigh ten ounces, six gros.

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