Ideas in Antiquity--Leadership in the Ancient World: From Telemachus to T'Challa

Week Three: Mentorship Continued

Session One

This week we are going to talk about how to make the most of our experiences of leadership in literature, art, history, philosophy, etc. We will be employing the following five-part method: (1) identify an example of leadership in a work of art, literature, etc.; (2) analyze that example in as much detail as you can; (3) translate that example into contemporary terms (where do we see a similar example now? how might we come up with a similar example now?); (4) evaluate your contemporary examples (would they make for good leadership?); (5) look for ways to practice your contemporary example in your own life and then do that.

Assignment One: Create a chart of all the things that Athena does for Telemachus to help him prepare to become head of his household and king of Ithaca. For each item on your list, explain to what extent it could be replicated by a young person searching for a mentor today.

Assignment Two: Listen to The Art of Leadership podcast featuring Susannah Wellford, the president and founder of Running Start (link here) and read this blog post on the outsider as leader.
1. What kind of leadership traits does Ms. Wellford exhibit in this conversation? How does she come across as a leader?
2. How does the mentorship program that she has established with Running Start resemble the mentoring that Telemachus receives in the Odyssey.
3. What answer would you give to the question Ms. Wellford asks at the end of the interview? 

Session Two

Assignment: Write a plan in 500 words for finding the mentor you need at this point in your life
What kind of leader do you feel like you need to become? Why do you believe you need this kind of mentor (consider your responses to last week's survey on the leadership scenario)?
What specific leadership behaviors do you feel you need to cultivate?
What do you want your mentor to do for you?
What do you need to do to prepare for mentorship?
What will you do to find a mentor?

Compare your answer to the suggestions in this recent article.