Fragmentary Excess: Body, Text, Receptacle

Nullification Notification

Katie Hubbell’s response to the Graduate Group Symposium Exhibition, Fragmentary Excess: Body, Text, Receptacle, entitled Nullification Notification, plays with association, switching between ancient and contemporary visual lexicons. An acrylic thumbs-up mirroring the Facebook gesture greets sherds with fragmented body parts; wallpapered psychedelic graffiti meets illuminated manuscripts; and filmed labyrinthine ant paths join the hallowed spaces of the Grecian temples. Inspired by the way that fragmentary objects prompt us to consider lost and potential histories, Hubbell stages a summons of fragmented cultural signifiers from multiple temporalities in a multimedia installation at Bryn Mawr College.

Nullification Notification from Katie Hubbell on Vimeo.

Nullification Notification from Katie Hubbell on Vimeo.

Katie Hubbell’s multimedia practice operates within the formal slippages of installation, sculpture, performance, and video. She examines mass-media aesthetization, highlighting the tensions and comforts embedded within sensuous images. Using objects from everyday life, Hubbell’s practice reveals the flirtations and repulsions, states of boredom and states of obsession, parallels and contradictions which inhabit twenty-first century advertisement culture and self-help models of care.


Katie lives and works in Philadelphia, PA.

Offered here online, Hubbell’s response expands, multiplying across digital space in three videos that offer further response, a retort cubed, if you will: Thumb Wars (2017), Sweaty Pearls, Sweaty Pearls (2016), 20 Life Hacks to Cure Loneliness (2015).


This section of the digital exhibition was co-curated by Laurel McLaughlin and Elena Gittleman

Videos and installation images courtesy of the artist. All rights reserved.


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